Stone Lodge Sports Premium

In the school year  2017/ 2018  Stone Lodge Academy hope to receive £8167 from the Sports Premium Fund

How will this spent?

  • Coach hire to take pupils to a variety of off site sports events across the year, for example the Pantheon Games.
  • Some money is used to pay for supply staff in order to cover our staff taking pupils out for PE trips.
  • New activities including Archery, Bush Craft and Yoga.
  • Sports premium money is also used to pay staff to provide lunchtime clubs including Dance Club, Football Club and Basketball Club.
  • All  Key Stage Two pupils (and some of Key Stage Three) access Swimming Lessons every week.
  • Key Stage Two pupils access a weekly session of Horse Riding at the local PHAB riding stables.
  • It totally supports our seven week after-school sailing program at Alton Water (organised via the Wolverstone Project.)  This annual event takes place every Summer.

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