basketballWhere? In the Activity Hall
When? Mondays 12.45-1.10
Who? With Mr Fulcher & Mrs Tynan


musicWhere? In the Music Room
When? Mondays & Wednesdays 12.45-1.10
Who? Mrs Matthews


artWhere? In the Art Room
When? Wednesdays 12.45-1.10
Who? Mrs Corkhill


bookWhere? In the Library
When? Tuesdays 12.45-1.35
Who? With Mrs James & Mrs Langridge


constructionWhere? In the Art room
When? Monday 1.10-1.35
Who? Mrs Carpenter


homeworkWhere? Maths Intervention Room
When? Thursdays 12.45 – 1.35
Who? With Mrs Pryke


girlsWhere? Miss Zocchi’s room and Ms Hare’s room
When? On a Wednesday lunchtime for girls in Years 7-9 (Miss Zocchi’s room) or Friday lunchtimes for girls in Years 10 & 11 (Ms Hare’s room)
Who? With Mrs James, Mrs Langridge, Mrs Abbot & Mrs Furnace.